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Entering to a band is only half of your work; Once you are inside, you are expected to perform a great performance each and every time. Good singing is not the only thing people would expect of you when you get on stage. The way you move, how you present yourself and everything you do while you sing will be a big part of what is called: PERFORMANCE. This workshop will show you what is needed to improve each of the things necessary to create good acting and how to find authenticity and stand out from the crowd. The Acting For Singers workshop will give you an idea of how to position yourself on stage, how to move, how to use your own musicality, how you look and how to perform. All this through a form of work based on building „true emotion” and „following the impulse”. Thanks to the „IMPROV” technique of Chicago – You can try different characters and have a lot of fun. We will be using tools of theatrical work to deepen the musicality of each one. Through laughter, fun exercises You can explore their „stage fright” or „feel stuck” or „have few ideas how to act once we get on stage” and turn weaknesses into their new artistic power.

Workshop by Magda Navarette