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Andres is one of the founders of the Modern Vocal Technique Institute. A vocal coach, voice builder/researcher, speech coach,  teacher trainer  and professional performer. He was born in Uruguay and is now living between Ireland and Poland. For over fifteen years, he studied vocal technique in North America and Europe with some of the world’s top voice teachers while also working a very busy performing schedule. In SLS, he reached certification level 5.  Andres has
trained over 1,500 voices, from “shower singers” to Grammy Award winners to various Multi-Platinum singers— even Number 1 USA Billboard Artists. Besides regularly teaching private lessons in-person in Ireland and Poland, as well as Skype lessons all over the world, Andres’ knowledge has been shared via online webinars for voice teachers and singers worldwide. Since 2011, Andres has worked as a lecturer for the National University of Ireland, where he created his own speech program that combines modern singing vocal technique, vocal science, and his own speech training as Lecturer in Voice Coaching for the Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). Additionally, Andres works as a guest speaker at The School of Medicine of Ireland and also at CVI Denmark, from 2015. As composer and songwriter, Andres has successfully written songs for many artists that have made it to various international charts. One of his own musical projects, “Baile An Salsa,” was currently produced by five-time Grammy winner and producer Walter Flores. Andres also performs as a professional singer of Tango music, and have performed on some very well know Concert Halls in Europe with many Philarmonic/Sinphonic orquestras, plus having a very special appereance as Tenor at the worldwide renown clasical concert hall NOSPR, Poland, in the operita Maria de Buenos Aires. Andres’ devotion for singing has not only compelled him to train hard to become a voice coach with a great reputation worldwide, but to live the experience himself as a singer, touring around the world with many different musical projects, his Band Baile An Salsa has toured USA in 4 ocassions. Andres is also very passionate about vocal science. To educate himself in this subject, he attended numerous voice teacher conferences and vocal seminars worldwide, including Ingo Titze’s Vocal Science Seminars at the National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS) in Salt Lake City, Utah. He served as the head of vocal science and research in IVA from 2013 to 2015. One of Andres’ greatest passions is traveling all over the world teaching. He has been giving vocal workshops in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ireland, UK, Spain, USA, Sweden and Denmark.

Andreas’s workshops