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Until recently, Jackie has remained a best kept secret. Singing since the age of 4, Jackie was once told that she couldn’t have a singing part in a school play when because ‘nobody wants to hear that voice‘ (she was 7). With confidence knocked, Jack ie became a le gend in her living room and a secret singer mimmicking her favourite pop stars behind closed doors but the music would not stop calling, so when Jackie was invited to join the prestigious 3 year Comple te Vocal Teacher Course in Copenhagben, she gave up her day job of online marketing to switch careers and is now a full time vocal coach, Qualified CVT instructor and vocal effects specialist. Aer meeting Andres in 2016 at the Complete Vocal Institute she waws invited to teach at the European Vocal Camp where her vocal effects class was an instant ‘hit’. Jackie works with international rock and metal artists, rappers, Jazz, Soul and Blues artists and more recently ‘The Voice’ contestants and has worked as a studio vocalist for a variety of bands. Jackie teaches at workshops in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Israel and the UK and is passionate about helping singers overcome their nerves, improve their technique and gain confidence to sing from the heart knowing that their voice will never let them down. With an impressive 5 octave range, an ability to sing all styles, hit powerful high belt.

Jackie’s workshops: