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Born and raised in South-Eastern Poland. Started to play piano at the age of six, then adding guitar, flutes and finally singing. Studied music at the University Of Marie Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin (Poland) and at Faculdade Santa Marcelina in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Participated in many singers/songwriters festivals in Poland. Composed music for several theatre and dance pieces and performances in Poland and Czech Republic. Played inumerous gigs with bands from Poland, Brazil and Switzerland . Released two cds: „Alegria” with BARBOSA TRIO and „Lulabajki”. Studied vocal technique with Dean Kaelin, Sonia Lachowolska, Andres Martorel, Wagner Barbosa, Zosia Prucnal, Rafael Barreiros among others. Gave vocal workshops for many choires, singing groups. Since 2014 assists Sean Palmer in Polin Choire. Big fan of European Vocal Camp, rhythm and body music 🙂

Kuba’ workshops: