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From the age of 11 Michele begins the study of music and becomes a singer, multi-instrumentalist, playing acoustic, classic, electric and synth guitar, piano, bass and little percussions. He has a degree in jazz Harmony and composition and has collected collaborations as a composer with the author of Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and many other superstars. Michele has worked and still works with the most important music labels like Universal, Warner Chapell, and Sony Music. He’s been playing Jazz since the age of 15. Michele has been training professional singers since almost 30 years in all music business fields, from Pop to Musical theatre. His clients have won the biggest competitions in Italy, included Festival of Sanremo (giovani), Coca Coca summer festival, and some of his students have participated on the most popular talent shows (XFactor, The voice, Io canto) and have won the most famous one, „Amici” di Maria de Filippi. Michele has been the voice coach for XFactor Italia and „Amici”.His student Irama has been number 1 on Spotify on summer 2018 and has collected more than 100 MILLIONS view on youtube in only 2 years. Recently Michele has trained all the cast of the big Opera musical „La divina commedia” , training voices from bass to light sopranos included the main roles „Dante” and „Beatrice”. The musical is still touring around Italy and Europe.Through his WeSING program Michele is also training the voice teachers in Italy. „I want them to know how excited I am about Michele Fischietti. He not only knows and can do vocally all the things he teaches, but he is a superb pianist and would you believe it? It is not his instrument … his instrument is guitar ! It’s a real rarity, because not only he can teach vocal technique, but he can teach style, and style is singing by feel, not by notes.
I wish him all the luck in the world because he has one of the best vocal studios in Italy, the best I’ve seen so far.„ (Seth Riggs) www.wesingstudio.com

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