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SING WITH FLOW /additional worshop/

This class builds on and continues the Vocal Intuition, but can be taken separately – especially if you are already a moderately confident singer and/or have done some improvisation and harmony classes in the past, but it’s completely up to your confidence level. Again, you do not need any music theory knowledge for this class. How are you with improvising melody and lyrics on the spot? With making a well-known song your own? Do you feel like you’re stopping the natural flow of your music because of inner judgement? In this class the intent is to take you way out of the box. You will be brought together with singers of all abilities, ages, cultures and experiences, and will have a chance to explore your song in a completely new setting – perhaps a different style, or with an unexpected twist. You will test yourself in a series of exercises that are designed to help you trust what you already know, not judge yourself while you sing among other singers, and improvise in a group. You will explore your ability to: – improvise harmony (yes, you can do it, even if you don’t know it); – make things up on the go musically – play with phrasing, altering and making the song your own – listen actively, responding in the moment to what the other musicians are doing – help your songwriting process by learning to „brainstorm” with yourself This class is about vocal freedom in terms of whatever you are ready to work on – phrasing, harmonising, changing the melody, circlesinging, jamming, and making harmonies and lyrics on the go. You will practice not freezing when things go wrong, but just going with the flow.

Workshop by Zosia Prucnal