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SINGING INTUITION /additional workshop/

If you ever feel like singing in harmony or improvising is just too much for you, if your mind ever goes blank when you just want to be jamming with friends, if you lack confidence in making a sound that you haven’t yet practiced a million times, and if every improvisation class gives you the creeps – this class is for you. In a set of activities and exercises – solo, in pairs, small and large groups, you will find you vocal intuition, realize that you already have skills, patterns, scales and sounds engrained in your brain through past experiences that you can use every day, in group/backing vocals and in solo singing, in harmonizing, improvising, arranging and just playing around with music. You do not need to know music theory for this. You do not need to be an advanced singer. This class is about digging out skills you don’t know you already have, trusting your voice, accepting it for what it is now, so it can be as free as possible in every situation you find yourself in. It will help you keep growing unrestrained.
You will: begin to trust skills you don’t yet know you have , learn to identify patterns, scales and sounds that you can use intuitively, on the spot , start to practice active listening in a group of singers/musicians, so you can learn to respond to it easily and without preparation, take your first steps in improvising harmonies, trusting your ears and identifying what a good blend sounds like After this class, if you like, you can continue with the Vocal Flow class.

Workshop by Zosia Prucnal