+48 501-083-594 or +353 86-069-35-18 europeanvocalcamp@gmail.com

• 8 DAYS OF INTENSIVE VOCAL STYLE TRAINING & WORKSHOPS guided by the world’s most renowned teachers.

• DAILY LESSONS by certified voice coaches from the World’s top institutes including the Modern Vocal Technique Institute

• 19 SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS including: Jazz, R’n’B, Gospel, Songwriting, World Chants, Performance, Musical Theatre, A’capella, Improvisation, Scat, Musicality, Afro-Brasilian Music, Bossa Nova, Latin Music, Rhythm in practise, etc.

• 8 ADDITIONAL WORKSHOPS, including: Social Media, Beatbox, Singing Intuition, Sing with flow, Vocal Effects, Lyrics Interpretation, Improvisation & Style Hacks, Body Percussion

• LARYNGEAL MASSAGE therapist on site working with all the singers by UK’s specialist Stephen King.

• ACCOMODATION IN AN AMAZING RESORT – Palace “Sobienie Królewskie” 50 mins away from Warsaw. An elegant place with a countryside atmosphere. Includes swimming pool, saunas, modern and well equiped conference rooms and an SPA to recover after a long day. Also a top class music hall for concerts.
For those who look for nature – there is a space for open countryside walks, and as usual for that time of the year, great sunny weather.

VERY SPECIAL GUEST – Maestro Greg Enriquez from Las Vegas.

• Vocal camp suits everyone who wants to improve theirvoice,performance and musicality. Both for Actors and singers who practice singing as a hobby or for those who already are professional.

• Our venue is exceptional and unique around the world, the atmosphere is always the best, and the teachers are the top in the world on their speciality.

• Every year camp is attended by students coming from all over the world, in 2018
we had people from over 25 countries and fllying in from 4 continents.

All Vocal Camp workshops are held only in English.

Vocal Camp is ONLY FOR ADULTS. (Over 18’s)

Palace Sobienie Królewskie

is a unique place in the center of Poland. Situated on over 2 hectares of beautifully countryside lands and far from any big city, this magical resort will surprise you. Sobienie facilities are designed for all year-round leisure and recreation activities, and the proposed offer includes a wide range of services beautiful rooms, great workshop’s and lesson’s rooms, swimming pool, sauna, SPA, escape rooms, etc. Sharing Accommodation in 2, 3 people rooms with their own private bathrooms.

3 times a day we will have a delicious, home-style cuisine, including vegetarian and gluten free options (meals are included on the camp fee). In our resort there’s also a bar where you can spend your free time at late nights, socialize and have a drink, etc. We also have coffee shop open all day with home backed cakes.