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VOCAL EFFECTS /additional workshop/

Want to know how rock & pop stars get the extra grit to their voices or make all those extra sounds but still keep their voices healthy? Take your vocal expression to the next level with our vocal effects workshop! Find out how artists like Whitney, Britney, Ariana, Christina, Justin, Bruno, Rag n Bone Man can sound rough or smooth at will. In this workshop you will learn how to add distortion like a rock star, growl like an R&B pro, sound light and airy, twang like a country artist, understand different types of vibrato and have a go at metal effects like pig squeal, screaming and grunting! We will also show you how to embellish notes and use a variety of sound colours to help you experiment to create your own unique sound for any genre safely and without the fear of losing your voice.

Workshop by Jackie Hole

ADDITIONAL Workshops are optional and extra charge. If you want to participate should be noted in the enrollment to Vocal Camp.